Our expert team is experienced in web related services such as quality websites, web analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM/PPC). As the online marketing is gaining increasing demand, our digital marketing experts can implement the advanced web analytics and social media marketing to promote your company online. We also develop quality websites, from static to dynamic with complex multi tier architecture. We provide services to suit your needs however specialist they are. So please get in touch.

Product Development

We believe in Quality and Commitment, Employee welfare, and Progress. These values are built around the needs of our customers and our employees. We have embedded these values in to every process we have implemented in our business. Hence we adhere to these values in planning and delivering our services.

Project Delivery

We also offer our service in project delivery. We can understand your business needs and specifications for the project development and support in designing the project to suit your budget and time scales. During the project development phase, our project managers will work closely with your staff to ensure the development process will not slow down your business operations. Our contract review process will provide you up-to-date details of budget and costs of these projects.

Sub Contract Support

We can also support our customers by providing sub contracting services for project or product development needs. Our qualified and experienced programmers will understand the requirement thoroughly and ensure that the sub contracting works will be delivered to the expectations of the design. We also provide onsite support by installing, configuring, training, and maintaining the IT applications or the hardware equipment. We also provide 3rd party equipment interface in to our applications, installation maintenance of these equipment.

Staffing Services

We provide infrastructure services such as network installations and maintenance, server installations and maintenance, and desktop installations by providing a team of highly trained engineers who can carry out these works economically and efficiently. We initially carry out surveys at no cost to assess the works, and provide you a cost effective solution. We can also manage your networks remotely so that you do not have to incur any overheads in current tough economic climate.

Research & Development

Our off- shore research & development team, can develop innovative products using latest technologies. We have successful track record of delivering research projects in different sectors such as leisure, educational and care industries. We take continuous feedback and statistical records from our customers to improve our research process.