We have adapted following technology areas to develop our products and projects.

Web Technologies

Our expert team is experienced in web related services such as quality websites, web analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO), and search engine marketing (SEM/PPC). As the online marketing is gaining increasing demand, our digital marketing experts can implement the advanced web analytics and social media marketing to promote your company online. We also develop quality websites, from static to dynamic with complex multi tier architecture. We provide services to suit your needs however specialist they are. So please get in touch.

Mobile Technologies

In recent years, the mobile application market is ever growing and changing the speed of service and business experience of the customers. Business owners from any sector can not ignore the benefits of the mobile applications they can provide to facilitate the latest business trends. This in turn will increase in the sales and customer satisfaction. Hence we have built a strong mobile application developers team to cater the requirements of businesses from any sector. We have launched several applications in the finance, sales and engineering sectors.

Embedded Electronics

Many of our customers from IT or telecom sector, often require custom built electronic equipment. This may or may not be computer interfaced equipment but delivers the digital outputs. We can support any such requirements to help you with the services in the digital electronic programming. We specialise in programming GSM/GPRS- modems, routers, and other microelectronic based boards to cater an automated process. We have a large customer base from banking sector with storage technology requirements. Please contact us for any such requirements, we can guarantee quality solutions for a very economical price.

Data Analysis

For any business low cost operations and high profits are key to the survival and success. This can not be achieved without understanding their customer demands and business trends. We provide quality data analysis, data modelling and business intelligence services to support our business customers to carry out sales forecasting, market analysis, trend analysis and customer insight analysis. These data analysis services help the businesses to target their customers and position themselves as best suitable suppliers. We can even help you build a robust database to start your data analysis.